Sunday, February 15, 2009


I overheard this conversation the other day while Hubby was on the phone with a client, and the kids were playing ninja in the living room while watching a movie:

"Hello? Hello? Yes, yes this is he. Sorry it's a little... I'm sorry? Oh, you're looking to buy a phone? No, I don't sell phones... OH! Yes, I sell homes! Sorry! Do you know what you're qualified for?... Oh, well one point two five million is quite nice, unfortunately our area is a little limited--oh I'm sorry! Yes, there's plenty for one hundred twenty five thousand-- what was that? I didn't hear that last part?? Wow! You have forty five thousand to put down! Fantas--I'm sorry? Oh, uh yes, we can close in forty-five days! Sorry, it's just a little loud--what? Yes sir, two boys. Um, 5 and 3... yes I do want your business. Let me just step away from all the noise..."

...and with a glare in my direction, into the garage Hubby went. After a few minutes I peeked out to see him bent over the hood of the car, scribbling on the back of a paper bag. We later discussed that Hubby needed some kind of office. Unfortunately when you live in a sardine can-sized house, space is limited. Once he found some grocery receipts mixed in with his client's lunch receipts, and another time there were so many coloring pictures scattered across the computer table we had to break out an ax to find the mouse! This was a disaster!

We needed a quick-fix solution, so we decided to put the boys together in Jake's room, and we'd turn Ben's room into an office/play room. The boys thought it was a fabulous idea, and last night Ben happily trooped into Jake's room to sleep!
Here they are getting ready for bed (the calm before the storm):
It's surprising how much space is in Jake's room! With two twin beds, a dresser, and a bookshelf, there's still plenty of room to play and walk around! Eventually I think we'd like to get bunk beds, or at least matching twin bed frames, but for now it provides a temporary solution to our overwhelming problem.
However, last night was a disaster getting everyone to sleep. Daddy had to stand in the doorway, and even then only Ben fell asleep at a "reasonable" nine o'clock! Then Jake couldn't stand the extra "breathing" and ended up falling asleep in my bed at nine thirty! This is going to be a looong weekend.
Of course I told Hubby that with the boys sharing a room I'd need to make it "cute" and get matching quilts and coordinating wall decor. He just sadly nodded. It was a cost he'd apparently calculated beforehand, but new it was a sacrafice he'd just have to make. Little does he know that I've been wanting to re-do the bathroom, too! Hey, when opportunity knocks, you open the door wide and offer cookies!

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Zenith said...

The name in the frame with birds is my favorite! I wish I had space in C's room for that!kids wall decals